Our vision

To improve transparency of public hospital funding in Australia.

Our purpose

To support the obligations and responsibilities of the Administrator through best practice administration of public hospital funding.

Our objectives

The Strategic Direction 2021-25 outlines five key objectives that must be met to fulfil the organisation’s purpose and create value for stakeholders and partners.

  • Accurate and timely calculation of Commonwealth funding contributions
  • Best practice financial administration of the National Health Funding Pool (the Pool)
  • Effective reporting of public hospital funding
  • Productive relationships with stakeholders and partners
  • Operate as a high performing organisation


Achieving our vision depends on our ability to collaborate openly and constructively with our stakeholders and partners, support the Administrator of the National Health Funding Pool (the Administrator) and keep ahead of challenges in our environment.

Our commitment to best practice financial administration and continuous improvement will give our stakeholders confidence and preserve our unique role in the health system.

Improving transparency also requires us to enhance our core capabilities, better utilise our resources and adopt innovative approaches.

Managing risk

Risk management is an essential component of sound business management and good corporate governance. Understanding risks and managing them appropriately enhances our ability to make better decisions, deliver on objectives and improve our performance.

Supporting our policy and framework are our Risk Management Instructions and 2021 Risk Tolerance Statement. These fundamental documents are reviewed annually to ensure we maintain an appropriate system for risk oversight and the management of internal controls.