Administrator's policies

This includes the provision of data, data quality and management, calculation of initial payments, reconciliation of final entitlements, funding integrity and guidance on the operation of the National Health Funding Pool.

Three Year Data Plan

The Administrator’s Three Year Data Plan describes the Administrator’s determination of the minimum level of data required from the Commonwealth, States and Territories, to calculate the Commonwealth’s NHR funding to public hospital services, conduct reconciliation activities and report publicly on NHR funding and payments.

For further details, please visit Three year Data Plan 2023-24 to 2025-26.

Data Compliance Policy

The Data Compliance Policy comprises the Administrator’s policy on jurisdictional compliance with data provision as required in the Administrator’s Three Year Data Plan. The NHFB, on behalf of the Administrator, publishes a quarterly Data Compliance Report on jurisdictional compliance with the Data Plan and Data Compliance Policy.

For further details, please visit Data Compliance Policy 2023-24.

Data Governance Policy

The Data Governance Policy covers both the Administrator and the NHFB. It details the information collected, the purpose for the collection, its use, storage, disclosure and disposal, by the Administrator.

For further details, please visit Data Governance Policy.

Calculation of Commonwealth National Health Reform funding

This document sets out the approach and processes used by the Administrator to calculate Commonwealth NHR funding paid to States and Territories. The calculation policy includes funding for Activity Based Funding (ABF), Block and Public Health funding categories as well as the approach to reconciliation activities.

For further details, please visit Publications.

Business rules for data matching

The business rules outline the business and data matching rules in relation to clause A6 of the NHR Agreement, where assessment is undertaken to ensure the Commonwealth does not fund activities twice, through ABF and through MBS and/or PBS funding or another Commonwealth program.

For further details, please visit Publications.

Payments System Policy

The policy covers the governance and management of the Payments System, and the obligations and responsibilities of users.