The National Health Funding Body and stakeholders and partners that includes: Commonwealth; States and Territories; Portfolio Agencies and Industry Partners

Engagement with stakeholders and partners ensures predictable and transparent funding for public hospital services. The Administrator’s quarterly Jurisdictional Advisory Committee (JAC) is a key channel for this engagement.

Administrator’s Jurisdictional Advisory Committee

Early and impartial engagement with all stakeholders, especially States, Territories and the Commonwealth, allows time to discuss and resolve issues in a collaborative manner. The Administrator’s Jurisdictional Advisory Committee (JAC) is a key channel for this engagement and is comprised of senior representatives of all States and Territories and relevant Commonwealth departments and portfolio agencies. The objectives of the Administrator’s JAC are to: 

  • consider and provide advice to the Administrator on strategic issues related to the Administrator’s functions under the NHR Agreement and NHR Act; and 
  • enable collaboration between the Administrator, NHFB, Commonwealth, State and Territory health departments and IHPA on the relevant operational arrangements and priorities under the NHR Agreement and NHR Act.

States and Territories

In addition to the Administrator’s JAC, the Administrator and CEO undertook a series of rolling bilateral discussions with States and Territories. These discussions provided the opportunity for early engagement on:

  • Funding and activity reconciliation; 
  • Data integrity; and 
  • Data matching. 


We are supported by, and work with our Commonwealth stakeholders through a range of formal and informal arrangements, including:

  • the provision of shared services (e.g. payroll and IT desktop) from the Department of Health;
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) technical support from the Department of Health; 
  • the provision of public hospital activity data from Services Australia; 
  • website hosting with GovCMS from Department of Finance; and 
  • monthly roundtables with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, The Treasury, the Department of Finance and the Department of Health on NHR Agreement funding and activities.

Portfolio agencies

We work with our fellow portfolio agency partners to support the Administrator to provide trusted and impartial advice to all stakeholders and deliver best practice administration of public hospital funding. These agencies include the IHPA, the ACSQHC and the AIHW.

Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA)

The main functions of the IHPA are to determine each year the National Efficient Price (NEP) for Activity Based funding (ABF) and National Efficient Cost (NEC) for Block funding for health care services provided by public hospitals. The NEP is a major determinant of the level of Australian Government funding for public hospital services and provides a benchmark for the efficient cost of providing public hospital services. As such, we routinely engage with the IHPA, including as a member of IHPA’s Jurisdictional Advisory Committee and Technical Advisory Committee.

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC)

The ACSQHC leads and coordinates key improvements in safety and quality in health care. The Commission works in four key priority areas: 

  • Patient safety; 
  • Partnering with patients, consumers and communities;
  • Quality, cost and value; and 
  • Supporting health professionals to provide care that is informed, supported and organised to deliver safe and high-quality care. 

With the Administrator and IHPA, we work with ACSQHC on the integration of safety and quality measures into public hospital funding.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

The AIHW develops, collects, compiles, analyses, manages and disseminates Australian health and welfare data information. We collaborate with the AIHW on public hospital funding related matters via a number committees including a monthly roundtable on public hospital expenditure, the Strategic Committee for National Health Information; the National Hospitals Information Advisory Committee; and the Health Expenditure Advisory Committee.