The NHFB is agile, innovative, responsive and unique. We have a small and specialised workforce that is capable, culturally diverse and gender balanced.

Our skilled, engaged and versatile team are critical to the achievement of our objectives. We aim to support our workforce by:

  • attracting and retaining skilled, adaptable and responsive people;
  • promoting a culture where people work within and across teams to maximise their expertise and produce results that benefit the agency as a whole;
  • supporting and developing the capabilities of our staff; and
  • refining our organisational approaches to reflect the requirements of a dynamic, small–sized organisation capable of responding quickly and flexibly to meet emerging requirements.

Our organisational structure ensures our resources are aligned to core function and provide for clear lines of reporting.

Data, Modelling and Analysis Section

The Data, Modelling and Analysis Section develop and operate models that determine the Commonwealth funding contribution to LHNs for delivering public hospital services (over $23.6 billion for 2020-21). The Section also reconciles estimated and actual service volumes through a range of data submissions (over 39 million records each year) related to public hospital funding.

The Data, Modelling and Analysis Section is also responsible for linking hospital activity data with Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) claims data to identify if the Commonwealth has potentially paid for the same hospital service twice (over 595 million MBS records per annum).

Finance Section

The Finance Section provide financial support to the NHFB CEO and the Administrator, including managing the National Health Funding Pool Payments System, processing Commonwealth, State and Territory deposits and payments into and out of the Pool and facilitating authorisation by the Administrator for payments to LHNs and other providers.

The Finance Section are also responsible for the production of NHFB and individual Pool Financial Statements for auditing by the Australian National Audit Office and each State and Territory’s Auditor-General respectively.

Policy, Planning and Performance Section

The Policy, Planning and Performance Section are responsible for developing the NHFB’s Strategic Direction, Corporate Plan, Portfolio Budget Statements and Annual Reports. 

The Section works with colleagues, jurisdictions; and portfolio agencies to maintain the full suite of Administrator’s policies:

  • Administrator’s Three-Year Data Plan;
  • Data Governance Policy;
  • Data Compliance Policy;
  • Calculation and Reconciliation Framework; and
  • Data Matching Business Rules.

The Section also works with stakeholders to improve reporting of public hospital funding through the development of a strategic outlook of public hospital funding, trend reporting and analysis, including the publication of monthly funding and activity data on

The Section also provide essential business support services to the NHFB, CEO and Administrator across risk management, assurance, governance, human resources, communications, security, management of Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) and Secretariat for the Administrator’s Jurisdictional Advisory Committee and Independent Audit and Risk Committee.