The Administrator of the National Health Funding Pool (the Pool) is a statutory office holder, independent from Commonwealth and State and Territory Governments and is appointed to the position under Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation. 

The position was established by the NHR Act, and relevant legislation of each State and Territory. The Administrator is supported by the NHFB, which is also independent of all governments. 

The key functions of the Administrator, with the support of the NHFB are to:

  • Accurately calculate and advise the Commonwealth Treasurer on Commonwealth funding contributions. 
  • Undertake best practice financial administration of the Pool, ensuring:
    • The integrity of the payments system
    • Commonwealth and State and Territory payments are correct and timely
    • Payments to Local Hospital Networks (LHNs) from the Pool follow government directions
    • Reconciliation between estimated and actual volumes of services and payments every six months
  • Provide effective reporting on the monthly and annual funding arrangements to ensure transparency in the operation of the Pool.
  • Maintain productive and effective relationships with stakeholders and strategic partners, including all Australian Governments, the IHPA, the AIHW and the ACSQHC.